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Red Knot

Red Knot (Calidris canutus) - The Red Knot is a shorebird that breeds in the high Arctic tundra during the northern hemisphere summer then undertakes one of the longest migratory flights to many parts of the globe. It has links to Australia through its migration to northern Australia via China, but the Red Knot is an international bird, migrating to the African and American continents and New Zealand. The Red Knot spends the summer in the Arctic Circle, enjoying the warmer weather, feeding on the abundance available and breeding the next generation. However, as the summer ends and the cooler winds blow, the Red Knot responds to the urgings of its voice inside and is inspired to undertake one of the longest and most difficult migrations on earth.


Red Knot Images is about responding to the urgings of your voice inside telling you who you are, who you could be and being inspired to take action to be you, in much the same way as the Red Knot .


Red Knot Images is a display of drawings by Peter Tugwell.

“After studying electrical engineering and a career working in that field, I felt a desire to try something different. I have always admired drawings I have seen drawn by others and have thought that I had it in me to draw. I attended a course on the basics of drawing to get me over that initial hurdle of having a go, and have since enjoyed drawing a range of subjects using the simplicity of lead pencils and paper as tools. I am interested in drawings of nature and highlighting the many and varied shapes and patterns that occur naturally around us. I enjoy looking at the detail in objects. The sand weathered remains of a shell, a curled leaf from a eucalypt, and the crest of a palm cockatoo all display great shape and detail.

Objects that are small, commonplace, seemingly insignificant and often overlooked can be surprisingly beautiful and inspiring images to draw. Thinking on an image, and the detail in the image, can reveal a deeper truth of life.

I haven't seen a Red Knot yet, but one day I will."


Red Knot Images is also a display of photos taken by Jess Tugwell and Libby Tugwell.

The photos show a similar interest in the detail of objects and nature and are included in the Photo Gallery.



We hope you enjoy the images presented, appreciate the emotion put into creating them and are inspired in some way by them. You may even be inspired to write a message in one of our cards and send it to someone nearby or around the globe.

Red Knot Images is based in Sydney, Australia.